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Garage Door FAQs

Our answers to your garage door questions

Here at Bel-Ingle, we understand that purchasing a new garage door is an important decision, as well as being an investment in your home, so the pressure is on to get it right. You may have a number of garage door questions that need answering before you are able to make a decision. We have collated a range of garage door FAQs and provided informative answers to help you make the best-informed decision.

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Frequently Asked Garage Door

You get the door itself, the springs and gear to lift the door and all the locking. The price of a new frame is not included unless requested.

Yes, you will need a frame for all doors except sectional doors; you can buy a new door and fix it to your existing frame or purchase a new frame.

Delivery usually takes from 3 to 21 days from your order date, some special sized doors or doors from abroad can take up to 6 weeks to arrive but you will be notified if this is likely to happen. Installation will commence no later than 10 days after delivery date. We will contact you up to 3 days in advance of items arriving.

Yes, our quotation includes removal and disposal of your existing garage door.

Most customers prefer to be present when work is being undertaken but as long as we have sufficient access to the garage we can complete the work without you being at home.

We offer free estimates. If you are not sure of the size you require, we would be more than happy to visit you and advise you of the correct size door that you require.

The control boxes come with a 13amp plug attached. A 13amp socket will be required to plug the door in. Most people use an extension lead during installation and a permanent feed later on.

Your door will come with 2 remote controls, as standard (unless you order extra). The range is approximately 30m from the door but this does vary from site to site. While local radio interference can affect range dramatically, this is rare.

Yes but you need to purchase a canopy bow arm converter which allows a canopy door to be automated.

Yes, maintenance will be required,with different levels of maintenance are required for different products. Most manufacturers recommend the working parts of your new garage doors are serviced yearly. Bel-Ingle offers a yearly maintenance service. Please see the repairs section for typical pricing.

Yes, all of our installations carry a 2 year guarantee. All repair work carries a 1 year guarantee. Manufacturers warranties range from 2 to 10 years. We have full public liability insurance.

We accept cheque, cash or payment by ‘BACS’, credit or debit card (credit card surcharge may apply)

Yes, we are a UK based business and so VAT is charged at the applicable rate in force at the time of the sale, all prices shown on this website are shown EXCLUSIVE of VAT.

If you need further advice or would like to discuss your own garage door questions in more detail, please call us on 07712 003 171 or alternatively click below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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