Sectional Doors

Please contact Bel-ingle with your enquiry for sectional garage doors.

If your prime reason for purchasing a garage door is security then a sectional garage door is ideal.

Sectional garage doors are made of several lengthy panels. Each of these panels is made of two steel walls/sheets which are reinforced with large amounts of dense insulation. These panels combine with interleaving edges further reinforcing the door.

Those who purchase a sectional door usually purchase an accompanying automatic garage door opener. Due to a sectional door’s construction and purpose, these doors are slightly heavier and can be more difficult to open.

Sectional Garage Doors are generally air-tight. These draught-proof doors not only keep out draughts, leaves, and dust but burglars too. While Up & Over doors can be penetrable with a crowbar, such is not the case with a sectional counterpart.

Sectional doors are usually mounted against the garage door opening wall as well as the ceiling. In addition, the door sits flush against the wall and floor when in the closed position making it difficult to leverage any tools upon the door.

These are a more modern type of door and that as they do not ‘swing out’ like an up & over you can park close to them knowing the door will not hit your car.


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