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Sectional Garage Doors

Electric Sectional Door Installation

Our sectional electric garage doors are available in a variety of designs and finishes, offering a range of benefits to you and your home whatever your personal style. At Bel-Ingle, we are truly passionate about providing options that are suitable for everyone, so, whatever your needs, we’re sure to offer the perfect sectional garage door for you!

Exterior of a white modern house with a brown garage attached.

Our Sectional Garage Doors

The Benefits of Our Sectional Garage Door Installation

Purchasing a sectional garage door is the ideal solution to ensure you can feel safe and secure in your home. For obvious reasons, one of the main benefits of sectional garage door installation is security, however, the positives don’t end there! Sectional electric garage doors are made of several lengthy panels, each made of two steel walls which are reinforced with large amounts of dense insulation. These panels combine with interleaving edges, further reinforcing the door. The sturdy nature of these doors makes them slightly difficult to open, and those who purchase a sectional garage door often purchase an accompanying door opener also.

Our Sectional Electric Garage Doors

Airtight & Secure

Another benefit of choosing our sectional garage door installation services is that they are incredibly air-tight. These draught-proof doors keep out leaves, dust and even deter burglars too. Differing to Up & Over doors which can be penetrated with a crowbar, sectional electric garage doors can not, making them the safest option for you.

Our sectional electric garage doors are usually mounted against the garage door opening wall as well as the ceiling. In addition, the door sits flush against the wall and floor when in the closed position making it difficult to leverage any tools upon the door.

If you’re looking for a modern sectional garage door that doesn’t ‘swing out’, one of our sectional electric garage doors is the ideal option to suit your needs.

A white garage with two sectional doors installed by a split column. A house can be seen in the background.
Stone driveway leads to a wooden decorated garage with a sectional door installed.

Why choose us?

For Your Sectional Garage Door

When you choose us for your sectional electric garage door, you will receive a full service under one roof. As well as being suppliers, we also offer sectional garage door installation and aftercare too. We will be with you throughout the whole process, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We thrive on customer satisfaction, with our service at the heart of everything we do. We will ensure that we provide you with tailored solutions so that you do not need to compromise on any aspect. When you choose us as your airtight garage door suppliers, you can be assured that we won’t let you down.

At Bel-Ingle, we thrive on customer satisfaction, with our service at the heart of everything we do. We always ensure to provide our customers with tailored solutions, so you don’t need to compromise on anything. When you choose our sectional garage door installation services, you can rest assured that we won’t let you down.

If you need advice or would like to discuss our sectional garage door installation in more detail please call us on 07712 003 171 or alternatively click below to submit an enquiry today!

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